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Collaborates with the projects of the 1895 Caixa Sabadell Foundation

The 1859 Caixa Sabadell Foundation was born on May 23, 2013 to adapt and respond to a new social reality, setting new milestones based on a new project.The Foundation is constituted with the intention of managing the funds of the social work of the former Savings Bank of Sabadell, of which it wishes to become heir, with fidelity to the principles that have shaped their performance in the course of history and adapted them to new circumstances.

The Foundation carries out activities, characterized by diversity and complementarity, in the fields of social, cultural, training, civic and environmental promotion, directly or through collaboration with entities and institutions, with the aim of actively participating in the social and cultural life of the territory.

The 1859 Caixa Sabadell Foundation, created to adapt Unnim Caixa to Law 9/2012, of 25 July, amending the revised text of the Savings Bank Act of Catalonia, has its governing and administrative body in the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Foundation is registered in the Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya under number 2,769 by resolution of the Directorate General for Law and Legal Entities of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya on June 13, 2013.

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The 1859 Caixa Sabadell Foundation offers a stable programme of plastic arts, performing arts, educational workshops, environmental tours and visits to modernist buildings, among other activities, with innovative content and formats that, under this diverse, unique and quality offer, brings together a heterogeneous and numerous audience. Currently, in order to continue offering these services and organizing this program, it needs the collaboration of companies and institutions in the country.

For this reason, we present this proposal for sponsorship and patronage that, of course, can be molded to your needs and expectations.You can also be a patron and be part of a legacy foundation of an entity with more than 150 years of history and one of the symbols of progress and culture of the city and the region, in exchange for various advantages, transfer of rooms, advertising or as donations with tax benefits. We hope you will share this exciting and exciting project with us.


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