The architecture of the Modernist Hall configures a large, luminous space with three naves separated by columns and parabolic arches. The show shows significant examples of applied arts, such as: the marble and stone slab columns, the sgraffito of the arches, the pavement of marble slabs, the set of fire-resistant stained glass and the pictorial compositions, between of other samples of Catalan modernism.

The Modernist Show is a unique framework for holding public and private events, celebrations for parties, meals and institutional events.

The space has access by elevator and by stately staircase, also access from the street, kitchen and dining room apart for small groups, natural and artificial light, screen of integrated projection and room elevated for the musicians.

Capacity for 210 people.



Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell

C. de Gràcia, 17. 08201 Sabadell