The spaces of the Fundació Antiga Caixa Sabadell 1859 have been the scene of numerous events that have marked the social life in Sabadell.

Now, the Foundation puts at the disposal of the citizens its most emblematic spaces for all kinds of events and celebrations.

If you are interested in renting any of the spaces, contact ULTIMATE EVENTS, the company that manages the commercialization of the events of all the spaces of the Foundation, being at your disposal for any need or clarification, through Xavier Rovira, at telephone 673 754 366 or by email to




The architectural heritage of the Fundació1859 Caixa Sabadell is recognized and distinguished by various official bodies, therefore, the three main facilities of the Foundation are protected by the Special Plan for the Protection of the Heritage of Sabadell.

On the other hand, the headquarters building of the Foundation and the Espai Cultura Fundació 1859 are cataloged as Architectural Cultural Patrimony by the Generalitat de Catalunya and are part of the European Route of Modernism.

Finally, as part of the Foundation’s commitment to publicizing its heritage, the Fundació’s buildings are part of the Barcelona Province Convention Bureau program, and both the Museum of Life in the Field at the Espai Natura Fundació 1859 and the auditoriums and classrooms of the Espai Cultura Fundació 1859 are certified with the SICTED tourist quality seal.


Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell

Located in the center of Sabadell, the headquarters of the Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell offers a wide variety of unique spaces to celebrate all types of business, institutional and private events. The versatility of the facilities allows you to choose the most suitable space for each event: from the spectacular Hall of Acts to the Board Room or the Hall of the Holy Family, ideal for smaller groups, all to the modernist building, the work of Jeroni Martorell. Adjoining the building is the garden, with an amphitheater and a large open-air space where you can find activities of all kinds.

Espai Cultura

The Espai Cultura makes its rooms available for leisure, social, cultural and business activities available to the public. These facilities, located in the center of Sabadell, offer three auditoriums, an outdoor amphitheater, a garden, a meeting room and several classrooms, with all the technical equipment necessary to perform a wide range of events, both for companies as well as for individuals.

Espai Natura

Espai Natura Sabadell offers the possibility to rent different spaces of the Can Deu estate for the celebration of acts. It occupies the estate of Can Deu, of 86 hectares of agricultural and forestry area and is located to the north of the city, preserved since 1964, when it was acquired by Caixa Sabadell. It includes the forest of Can Deu, a protected space for the preservation of the environment and the leisure of the citizens, as well as the Can Deu farmhouse documented since 1415. Currently, in the farmhouse you will find the Museum of Life at Field and the Center for Environmental Education of Can Deu.