Located in the center of Sabadell, the headquarters of the Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell offers a wide variety of unique spaces to celebrate all types of business, institutional and private events. The versatility of the facilities allows you to choose the most suitable space for each event: from the spectacular Hall of Acts to the Board Room or the Hall of the Holy Family, ideal for smaller groups, all to the modernist building, the work of Jeroni Martorell. Adjoining the building is the garden, with an amphitheater and a large open-air space where you can find activities of all kinds.

Modernist lounge

The architecture of the Modernist Hall configures a large, luminous space with three naves separated by columns and parabolic arches. The show shows significant examples of applied arts, such as: the marble and stone slab columns, the sgraffito of the arches, the pavement of marble slabs, the set of fire-resistant […] Continua llegint

Sagrada Família room

Meeting room for private events, signatures, and small-format events. Capacity for 12 people.  


Meeting room equipped with state-of-the-art technical means, videoconferencing, projection screen, computer, individual table screens, integrated microphones, digitalized functions control. Capacity for 35 people